Awake the "Monica" or "Danny Tanner" Cleaning Enthusiast inside you and use this website that Organizes and Maintains your Schedule to keep up with your daily task before you for Snore! We focused on developing a feasible solution for both Simplifying the hectic schedule by organizing daily life tasks by using things like a to-do list and schedule planner. We usually forget general knowledge about cleaning ethics and environment protocols so the website helps you be updated by using the Quiz tab to refresh all those mindful rules and help us lead a better life. Our Interactive Chatbot not only helps you in case you have issues with using tools or the website but also helps to engage with you and ask about your day so that you never feel lonely. Lastly, the Greeting Card template is sent to all our users to remain motivated and spiteful about their Cleaning Habits!

❓What it does❓

This website allows you to learn how to self-care and learn about ways to protect the environment and lead a more organized lifestyle and stress-free mind state. The application is built with 4 key functions:

  • To-Do List
  • Quiz Corner
  • Blog Page
  • Schedule Planner
  • Chat Bot
  • Twilio Video Chat and Mobile Support

These tools can improve the user's daily life all in one website.

🏗️How we built it🏗️

We mainly used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. We used tidio to implement the chatbot.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

We have a time zone difference which made it hard to work in teams. But we overcame it and have a blast while making a fun website together. It was a great team!


We are proud of the final project we built. We learned a lot while working on the project not just technically but also time management. We are proud we could complete the project and deliver a beautiful fully functional Hack this weekend.

📚🙋‍♂️What we learned📚🙋‍♂️

We learned so much about HTML and CSS. Considering the fact that half of the team were beginners in coding, the time was tight but we managed well it and we did everything together.

⏱⌛⏳🏃‍♂️Time Management⏱⌛⏳🏃‍♂️

We had a tough time managing time this weekend with our participation in this Hackathon as we had to work on multiple things altogether. Fortunately, we could do this by distributing our work and focusing on multitasking. Extremely excited for all the teachings we had got through this hack.


We learned how to claim a custom domain from Domain.com and GoDaddy to make the hosting work out.

💭What's next for Chore Before Snore💭

We aim to develop this platform and collaborate with users to make it a genuine free product that benefits everyone and introduces new features and other enhancements.

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posted an update

  1. We mainly used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery for implementing the website. We used special Styles and CSS for implement the 3D scroll effects and themes.
  2. We used Tidio to implement the chatbot and various components using the workflow widgets and action buttons to connect all commands of the Bot. (Commands and Widget workflow shown in the project gallery.)
  3. We used Lob API to create a greeting card using HTML and implement it on the workspace hosted on Google. (Code for the LOB is present in Github and only image links need to be placed in the url code)
  4. We have implemented Twilio Mobile Support Helpline and added Video Chat features too so that all fellow Cleanup Enthusiasts can form a Community and Establish new ideas amongst them!(Twilio code too is found on Github repo and all you need to do is run the code on Twilio Flex Services in "env" and "user-handling" environments)

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