Vietnam has been very polluted due to the citizens’ poor discipline about protecting the environment. Trash is thrown continuously throughout the city, and street cleaners could not handle such a tremendous amount of trash that is thrown on the street.

What it does

The Eco-run website is a place for teachers, school committees, and environmental organizations to create and host events. Players of the Eco-run. Game will have to come to these events, retrieve the eco-code from the organizers and enter it to the game in order to unlock new levels.

How I built it

We used Unity and C# scripting to create the games. The web is established using the help of

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Together as a team, we figured out ways to configure the Unity game the way we want and connect a game product on Unity with a website created by wix.

What I learned

The basics of unity and C# scripting for game development is something that we really appreciate. It gives us a more well-rounded perspective on how app development works in a project like this. Also, we cherish the fact that with wix, we can create such a fast webpage for marketing and connecting purpose.

What's next for Eco-run

The most important thing for Eco-run is to develop the graphics and functionality of the Game to a high degree so that it attracts more players.

Built With

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