We have been friends for a long time and one of our earliest memories was going on a hike in a nature preserve together. Years later, we had come back to the exact same location, but we had seen a drastic change. Instead of the clean park benches, there was litter everywhere. The creak was polluted along with dry grass and dead trees. That's when we realized, even if our society was progressing immensely we were leaving key factors behind- our clean environment. Through this interactive quiz, people can understand their impact on the environment. We hoped to inform the public of the environmental issues because even a small change can contribute to the bigger picture.

What it does

"Eco Friends", is web-based quiz and informational websites created by team JUPiter. It gauges a user's impact a user has on the environment then outputs a tier or category they fall in. Depending on that they can learn how they can help the environment around them.

How we built it

We built it through the IDE platform of using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We first wrote out our plan for the website then delegated tasks, After that we used HTML to create the layout and wireframes. We then used CSS to add special affects, visual appeal, and more. Finally we used JavaScript to include the logic and computational part of the website.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was online communication. Sometimes we had glitchy wifi. Although we were struck by major obstacles we were still able to complete the project and found out ways to utilize both of our skill sets at maximum efficiency.

Accomplishments & What We Learned

We are proud of our final product because we believe we made a lot of progress during our coding journey since this was our first Hack-a-Thons we competed and submitted a website for. We were able to overcome difficulties and work together even with the pressure of the deadline. We enjoyed the process of making the website.

We learned to utilize both of our skills and work as a team effectively. Along with that, we learned how to use and work it HTML along with CSS better. We discovered different ways to put together code to create better functions.

Overall, we are proud of our final result. For fun, we were thinking of adding more features such as more pages and more interactivity.

What's next for Eco Friends

Team JUPiter intends to add more features including more pages, interactivity and info including on how you can help.

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