After the Centers for Disease Control announced on June 22nd that the US would not be reaching it's goal of vaccinating 70% of the adult population before July 4th, several obstacles were highlighted with one of the main reasons being that many people did not have knowledge of where to get COVID vaccines in their local community.

We chose to help the CDC's effort to spread awareness about where to get COVID vaccines not just in the US, but anywhere in the world

What it does

Our web app allows users to enter in their address and find and book local COVID-19 vaccination sites in seconds

How we built it

To build our application, we used the Google Places API as well as the Google Geocoding api to match users with their nearest vaccination centers in a matter of seconds.

To serve the data we received by calling the APIs, we used a Flask server to handle user interactions and API routing to our front end.

Our final site was hosted on the Heroku platform to allow anyone in the world to access it.

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenge we ran into was filtering through the JSON data we were receiving from Google and single out the information we needed such as the name, address, phone number and website.

Another challenge was serving the data to our front-end and allow users to interact with our site. To do this we had to learn the Flask framework which we did not have prior experience with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to be able to create a product that will leave an impact on people and will help under-vaccinated communities take a step in the right direction in regards to their health

What we learned

We learned how to build a full stack web application and tie in several skills such as front-end development and API routing and seamlessly integrate these things to form a final product.

In addition, we learned how to use GIT to deploy our application to the Heroku servers

What's next for EasyVax

We hope to be able to extend upon the objective of EasyVax and spread awareness about more healthcare facilitates not related to COVID-19 especially for places where outbreaks of illnesses are common

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