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With the current COVID-19 situation going on, many people are under unfortunate circumstances where they may not have the same income as they had before. Many people are in a situation where they need a simple, yet powerful, solution that allows them to keep track of their personal finances and understand their financial health. That's why I created this web application, which will help people to better track their finances during this pandemic.

What it does

This app has a fully-featured user authentication system, where all user accounts are anonymous, thus ensuring their privacy. Users may add, update, and delete monthly expenses as they come in, which are subtracted from their total income. Moreover, users have a module set up to allow them to set and track the progress of their financial goals. This allows them to see their own progress, and help them strive to improve their financial health. Lastly, the app calculates what percentage of income the user has left after expenses, and uses this figure to track the financial health of the user. This allows them to understand if they are doing well or if they need to evaluate their spending habits.

How I built it

For front-end I used: *HTML *CSS *Bootstrap For back-end I used: *Flask (python) *SQLite

Challenges I ran into

I was unable to implement the functionality for the app to automatically detect a new month, so the app currently requires to enter a new month by deleting expenses manually.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the slender design of the front-end, and the mobile responsiveness of it. Moreover, I am proud of the potential impact this may have on those who decide to use it, as it may help them to become more financially literate.

What I learned

I gained new skills working with Flask. I have become more comfortable working with back-end and databases during this hackathon. Moreover, I believe I have been improving my front-end coding skills, and have learned several new Bootstrap classes that are useful in elegant design.

What's next for Easy Track Online

I plan on extending the functionality of it by adding auto-detection of new months, increased profile customization, and new features. The good thing about this app is all the different functions are modular, and can be easily inserted onto the home page dashboard. Therefore, extending the functionality will be very possible.

Contact Info

Jeremie Bornais jeremiejbornais@gmail.com Discord Tag: jere_mie#9432

Best Domain Registered With Domain.com

I would like to submit the domain trackyourfinances.online for the Domain.com prize I believe it is a clever use of the .online TLD, and very relevant to this project.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the code for forms, user registration, and the overall project configuration may be similar to projects I have done in the past.
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