50th Apollo 11 Anniversary Mission Control

What it does

Mission Control - Project Eagle is about helping connect the data many firms already collect with a ML algorithm. The idea being proactive model maintenance ran off predictive analytics.

Project Eagle has the goal to connect different open source project built in different hackathons. Hox - Mission ControlAEC - Spectacles

MissionControlAEC started with the AECHackathon at Facebook HQ from the work of the non-profit organization. (San Francisco Computational Design Users Group).

Mission Control is an HOK product released open source at the begging of 2019 for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing.

Mission Control AEC is a web management tool that allows for better quality control of all our BIM Models without the need to open each model one by one, which saves an incredible amount of time, and assures the data integrity and performance stability in the environment. Furthermore, the tool can track the progression of every event and operation that happens in the Model. Thanks to the Forge and Design Automation API, Mission Control is also capable of performing the changes in the BIM environment.

During the Hackathon, the EAGLE Team further developed Mission Control AEC to create a predictive model based on Time-Series that would help to not only forecast failures and corruptions, but also increase the liability of the models. The Proof of Concept developed during the weekend was strictly focused on monitoring views in relationship with the sheets. The goal was to integrate BIM Level 3 and Building Knowledge Modeling with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that they could quickly become part of the ecosystem and help the development of the project, forecasting and preventing errors and corruptions.

How we built it

Python JSON Javascript Grasshopper Owl Plugins

Challenges we ran into

Json Parsing and deserialization Create a tabular representation starting from a NoSQL export of a MongoDB

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The training set was fairly accurate and we were able to display the results on the web

What we learned

Clone the repository open the terminal and run

"mongod" "npm run serve"

test the new features

What's next for EAGLE

Design Automation in Forge Working

The Team

Design Technology Specialists from WeWork, Nbbj, HOK, HMC and web developers

Built With

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