Have you ever travelled in a group and wondered if everybody's flights are on time? Is it almost Thanksgiving and you want to make sure all your family is getting home safely? Worry no further!

Eagle eye is a simple iOS app that allows you to track the flights of all your friends and family in a simple interface with real-time flight data. When a flight lands, you receive a Twilio text message saying your friend arrived safely. If a flight is suddenly delayed, you also get a text message with details about the delay.

How I built it

I used react native to build the iOS app and Node + Express + Mongo for the backend that gathers flight data from There are many complicated queries I have to do between the mobile app, my server, and the flight data server.

Challenges I ran into

React native is still very beta and is doesn't have all the features that

  • Drop shadows
  • Buttons
  • Map image annotations
  • Unable to load 3rd party libraries In addition, flight data is really hard to get. I had to scrape multiple urls to gather all the information needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I haven't made an iOS app before so I'm proud of being able to create a fully-featured one in a time crunch. I'm also a solo-person team so all the idea, design, and implementation was done by me within 24 hours.

What I learned

React native, iOS, XCode, Photoshop, Illustrator

What's next for Eagle Eye

  • Adding Facebook login
  • More settings
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