The old fashion way to get a visa :

In the past, getting a visa could be a real mission. It mobilizes you as you have to bring your passport to the embassy and come back once the visa preparation is done. It is not convenient as your passport will be retained in average for 10 days to arrange the visa preparation. Finally, if you dont like queuing, be prepared to spend in average 1 hour at the embassy...

The new way to do it : Fill the form on-line and get your e-Visa!

In less than 5 minutes and 3 clics, get rid of all the administrative procedures to get the visa and focus on the important thing: enjoying your trip. With e-Visa, you dont have to stamp anything on your passport. As the customs have been automatically notified, just present it when arriving to the country and it will be automatically recognised. This service is 100% secured and compliant with the countries formal procedures.

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