"E-Banking" Website

Overview of "E-Banking" Website

E-banking is a web application for online banking with lots of amazing features. Online banking provides access to the customers to their bank account through online platform with privacy and security. Customer can access it anytime using online banking application connected with database. Passwords are protected by using encryption. Only customer can change the password and information. To access any page, it's mandatory to fill required fields with correct credentials.

To create this application, for frontend part we have used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. Also, we have used PHP and Laravel for backend. Laravel is a popular PHP framework. Data flow from one page to another is controlled by laravel controller. To connect with database, we have used MySQL database.

The Website is created by J. Siv Ram Shastri, Sandeep Anumalla, Subba Reddy.

Tools or Softwares required to use

  1. Can use any IDE to code; Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text or Brackets.
  2. WAMP or XAMPP servers are needed to run the web pages.
  3. Composer and Git Bash are needed to run Laravel.
  4. Composer for downloading the laravel.
  5. Git Bash supports the Laravel command terminal.

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1. Home Page

1 home page

2. Admin Panel

2 Admin Panel

3. Generating New Account Page

3 Generating account page

4. Net Banking Credentials Page

4 Net Banking Creating

5. User Login Page

5 User login Page

6. Forgot User Name Section

6 Forgot user name

7. Forgot Password Section

7 Forgot Password

8. Account Summary Page

8 User Account Page

9. User Profile Page

9 User Profile page

10. Updating Info Section

10 Updating info

11. Change Password Section

11 Change password

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