DU-WIT is a young community at Durham University and we wanted to expand our online presence to include a website where all of our information will be contained from blogs to events to mentoring information. As women in tech ourselves, it was only fitting for us to use this opportunity to tackle this need in our community!

What it does

Our website provides information for students studying STEM degrees at Durham University, from career. We have provided a calendar to display the date and time of events, from career workshops to pizza and games nights, encouraging a sense of community among female and non-binary students. We also have a blog to talk about these events after they have occurred, encouraging new members to come along to future events! Finally, we provided an exec page to introduce members of the committee, so that DUWIT members have familiar faces to approach in the department.

How we built

This site was built using React.js, and this was the first time we have used it, but we were very eager to learn. We used Git to collaborate.

Challenges we ran into

Working with React.js was a very steep learning curve for all of us! Additionally, working with the google calendar API was a challenge as there were a lot of small bits of information needed from lots of different places. It was also difficult to integrate FullCalendar to react!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our finished product and cannot wait to use it throughout the year! Our interactive calendar and exec pages work smoothly and are easily updated. We followed a specific colour palette and are very happy with the final look.

What we learned

We learned how to work collaboratively on Git, introducing branching and merging into our workflow. We have become very familiar with this technology and it will certainly be useful to us in the future. We have learned to work confidently with React, and this was a goal for all three of us!

What's next for Durham University Women in Tech (React.js website)

We want to go on to develop our website so that it can support us in our mission to help women in tech. We hope our website will share stories about our member's successes and achievements, and that it will help us to spread our message. We also want the site to help organise and advertise our society and events

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