Being from a non medical background, I often hesitate to take some new medicine just because every medicine has side effects, if not in short run but in long run for sure. When I get some health issue, I often spend lot of my time researching on internet about the drugs and its side effects. I am pretty sure every one does their research before taking chemicals blindly. So here we come up a very simple web application which shows other user's experience with the drug for similar health issue. It gives them confidence when people read about other people's experiences.

What it does

This web application focuses on performing analytics on big data set consisting of drug name, health condition, reviews from users, ratings, upvotes on useful feedbacks. It delivers user's the required information in detail but in limited scope.

How we built it

We used shiny to create this interactive web application which creates dynamic visualizations and computations on user's selected field. From data cleaning to plotting to web interface, every task is done in R.

Challenges we ran into

None of our team members knew shiny. We learnt to create web application in 1 day along with Data analytics and using google APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learnt a new technology in 1 day and looking forward to create many more such web applications.

What we learned

We learnt to build web application from scratch and performing analysis and gathering meaningful insights from Data. We also learnt to link Google API for machine learning task but ended up creating own analytics because we wanted to learn to code ourselves.

What's next for Drug Review Analyzer

Due to large dataset(over 160k+ rows), we could not finish training the model for sentiment analysis on time. The next time will be to extract meaningful sentiments from user comments and group them in same category.

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