We wanted to create something that people can enjoy and at the same time contribute to save the environment, help in the most common daily activity- transportation.

What it does

This is a vehicle pooling application built to help save the environment by saving gasoline, reduce air pollution / emissions, promotes communication between people. Helps people with "disabilities". Helps meet new people, and closes communication barriers. Helps in daily lifestyle

How I built it

We worked as a team of 4, helping one another and having a fun time learning new concepts. We worked on FrontEnd using Android Studio, and Backend using Spring. We used ALOT of GCP products and SOME of which include: Big Query, Firebase, Google VM instances, Gmail. Google Maps, Google Speech, Google text to speech, Google translator, Google machine learning, Data Studio and much more. Also added complex algorithms incorporating AI using heuristics for finding closeby compatible people driving by. We worked really hard over the past 2 days without sleeping and taking breaks to make something we thoroughly enjoyed.

Challenges I ran into

Complications of GCP, client server connections, learning new concepts in technology, google speech and text conversion.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for DriveShare

Built With

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