Inspiration- 4 students from Gayatri’s school were injured by a teen driver in early 2019. In 2018 alone, 5,864 teens drivers were involved in fatal car accidents and an average of 9 teens were killed every day due to motor vehicle injuries. The prevalence and severity of crashes caused us to want to help.

What it does- We aim to equip teen drivers with the tools they need to be safe, accountable, and responsible.

How we built it- We built the app using the iOS stack, in Xcode on Swift.

Challenges we ran into- Because of hidden bugs in Android Studio, we troubleshooted for nearly 8 hours straight, asking help from mentors, leaders, and peers. Though we didn't find the full solution to the problem, we learned a lot about troubleshooting and app development. We had unique challenges when switching into Xcode- only one of our team members had a MacBook, so coding became a bit of a bottleneck. We ended up working together on, though import statements didn't work and we couldn't build the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- We are so proud that we were able to learn an entirely new language and still fulfill the four design criteria outlined in our presentation!

What we learned- Not everything always works the way we intend, but we'll pull through all the same! We learned a lot about using the inbuilt parts of iOS apis, including accelerometer and associated managers.

What's next for DriveSafe- We hope to add more features for teen drivers, including tailgate detection based on cars' bluetooth features. We also want to implement a machine learning network to assess if a driver is swerving inappropriately based on location tagging and map tie-ins.

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