Drive5: Measure your fuel economy real time with five metrics to save on fuel costs.

Drive5 gives you real time fuel economy feedback for any car 1984 and newer by simply utilizing the sensors embedded in your phone or tablet. It uses a statistical algorithm which leverages the's open dataset along with OBD-II data from thousands of automobile trips. As Drive5 grows, so will the our trip database- making the model even better over time. No connections to the vehicle are necessary to get reliable fuel economy estimates, simply press the key so that it is green while your engine is on. The outer ring gage shows your real time fuel economy. Get the gage past the half full mark to best your vehicle's EPA rating.

The social rank compares your fuel economy to other drivers that have taken similar routes. The bigger the social rank wedge gets, the better you are than your fellow drivers at saving money during your trips. Since this database is growing all the time, the competition will only get stiffer!

The route rank compares your fuel economy to your previous similar trips. Beat your best personal fuel economy scores by keeping this wedge nice and large.

The trip rank compares your trip average fuel economy to your vehicle's EPA standard. Improve your trip average by optimizing your fuel economy over time.

The combined rank gives you a single metric to judge your fuel economy based on the three trip metrics. The color of the wedges turn from red to blue to green, with green being the best combined fuel economy rank. Shoot for green and the green will stay in your wallet instead of filling your tank!

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