Today, cities face unique challenges to efficiently help provide resources to a growing homeless population. Within the continuum of care, agencies lack the tools to do their job and collaborate with each other. The biggest problem is communication between disparate systems that fail to meet the needs of individual clients with complex situations such as veterans, families, and mentally ill. As a result, many people fall through the cracks as services are not delivered in time.

What it does

Every organization in the CoC has access to smart intake forms that collect vital information into a central hub. This information is immediately available to everyone in the system. With the data, JOYN is able to further process the information for insights to alert the appropriate organizations using a mass notification system including SMS, email, and push notifications. At the same time, the client receives a sms confirmation of their addition to the network. Now that everyone is alerted, every agency with available resources can either Accept or Deny the referral.

  • smart intake form
  • cloud hub
  • mass notification system
  • dashboard
  • snapshot

How I built it

  • web application
  • backend
  • mobile app
  • charts
  • javascript
  • node.js
  • mongoDB
  • docker
  • angularJS
  • D3.js
  • Twilio
  • express.js
  • material-ui

Challenges I ran into

Creating a central hub for multiple types of agencies is tough because of the different customization required.

What's next for JOYN

  • real-time emergency shelter availability & intake
  • custom form builder for all CoC organizations
  • easy transferring of referrals documents
  • & more!
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