With added technology like Wi-Fi-enabled sensors, we can better monitor and manage our use of resources while increasing the functionality of our existing infrastructure. Making our city smarter supports our climate goals and leads to new business opportunities for our workforce.

What it does

DreamBiz aggregates disparate data into a consolidated platform to help entrepreneurs, small business, and developers make smarter decisions about their future business ventures.

How we built it

We identified various data sources that included GE data, data, and other third party sources like Yelp, Zillow, and Loopnet. The data was normalized using Python and Pandas to reason about the data. All sources of information were then funneled into a single mapping service in Angular and Carto for end-users to make smarter decisions about their choice in located a physical business location.

Challenges we ran into

Limited data set from GE made it challenging to be creative. Additionally, aggregating and normalizing data proved challenging due to various formats.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our robust team played into various strength to include strong UI/UX design, data science, and software development. We all found it very seamless to be a cohesive team.

What we learned

We learned various technical depth within our skill sets and sharing that knowledge with the greater team.

What's next for Dream Biz

  • Include Solar Potential for the Property via Google Project Sunroof
  • Offer IoT device to track amount of people entering the property each day
  • Include Social Listening to rate the location for Social Mentions
  • Add local demographics data
  • Offer mini-apps as an upsell, such as real-time parking availability app for the owner’s customers/visitors

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