Issues that you may face while Installing or Using Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software

Installation problem with Nuance Dragon naturally speaking or Dragon Speech Recognition Software. Professional Individual (PC) – After successful purchase of dragon license, you must install Dragon voice recognition software with help of installation disc or using dragon purchase link. Nuance Dragon naturally speaking tool must be activated using the activation key. If there is a problem, while installing dragon speech recognition software, a customer should call Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support phone number to get skilled technical services to help them with any issue they would face.

How To Find Nuance Dragon Serial Number Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Number

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support is available for various issues on Dragon Naturally Speaking, one of the prominent issues is finding the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Serial Number for activating the Dragon Speech Recognition Software or Dragon Voice Recognition Software.

Whether it is on a Windows PC or on a Mac devices, it requires a serial number to activate the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software. Sometimes, when we buy the software from any re-sellers like Amazon, Office Depot, Walmart Etc., the box contains the serial number. When we lose the box, we also lose the serial number for activating the product.

Most of the time this problem comes when we try to install the Nuance Dragon Voice Recognition Software on a new PC or when the old PC has crashed or is not in use.

There are various ways you can find the serial key Order Number:

It is important to have the product order number to pull the serial number online from the official Nuance Website.


Along with the order number for the purchase you have made for the software, you must have your password handy. In case you are facing any difficulty, finding it, you can speak to the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support to get the serial key looked up. Please call our Dragon naturally speaking support number +1-888-652-9580 for more information.

User Profile Issues with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Creating a user profile is a very important part that should be done before using Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software. A compatible headphone is very important for a user to use for the Dragon Naturally Speaking. The user can create multiple users for as many as people who want to use the software.

Netspeak Add in – If netspeak add-ins are not installed on Microsoft outlook or Microsoft word then Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking may not dictate on these applications. A user needs to make sure to enable netspeak add-ins. Users need to go into advanced options of Microsoft program to make sure it is enabled. If Netspeak is being disabled on Nuance Dragon even after enabling it then a user should call Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support Number is known as Nuance tech support, Nuance Technician Service, Nuance Dragon Technician service, Dragon Tech Support, Nuance Dragon Speaking Technical Support. A user could also visit to get premium service.

“Failed to Launch UI Automation server” error when launching Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking

The Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best Dragon Speech to Text Software for dictation which is used worldwide. From making status updates and searching the web to creating reports and spreadsheets, Dragon speech recognition software lets you do it all—faster and more efficiently—whether you’re a student, a professional, or an Enterprise user. Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support team can fix any error in the speech recognition software.

Call our nuance support number +1-888-652-9580

In case you are trying to fix it on your own, the steps are mentioned down below: Once you install the Dragon speech recognition software and activate it with a valid serial key, you need to launch it to explore the exciting world of dictation. While launching the DNS Software or Dragon Speech Recognition Software on Window, you may come across an error, “Failed to launch UI automation server”. This is the error which comes up on Windows 7, 8 Or 10. The cause of the error is because the User Account Control is unstable. You may call Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support or Dragon Naturally Speaking Customer Service and speak to an expert to get it fixed immediately.

Please Find step by step help below to fix “Failed to Launch UI Automation server”

Go into registry editor and go on to the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Current Version Policies System. See if you have EULA registry listed in the path specified. Change the Value of the registry entry to “1” If it doesn’t work out for you, contact Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support or Experts to resolve this issue. Since these are the registry values of the computer you would need to work very diligently while making changes in the registry, otherwise, you could end up crashing your computer.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software: Dictating But Nothing Happens

When you say the words, and don’t get transcribed on the screen. Try to say something using your headset and see what happens. Does it say, “Please say that again”?

Cause 1: The Headset Is your headset properly connected? Try and use the headset for Windows Sound Recorder. If you can record a sound through the headset, then it is not the cause. You don’t want to spend your time troubleshooting it, you can touch base with Nuance support immediately. Cause 2: The Sound Card A poor sound card results in poor recognition. The sound card will not be able to help Dragon Naturally Speaking transcribe your words into text and hence you get frustrated. Try to get in touch with Dragon Naturally Speaking Support to have ease on this issue.

Cause 3: Speaker is not on Double-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and look at the Microphone Balance. Is the “Mute” checkbox selected? Deselect it, if so. Another possibility is that the Windows Operating System, (due to some critical infections or Viruses) has changed your device settings. Possibly redefined your microphone to be a printer, etc. Running a microphone check will either fix the problem or give you a more specific complaint to take to Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support or Technical Experts. Cause 4: Microphone Icon Is Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Professional Individual asleep? Check the microphone icon on the bottom bar on the screen (Windows Taskbar) or on the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Professional Individual toolbar. If it’s blue, it’s asleep. If you are dictating directly into the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Professional Individual document window, the preceding are all the obvious sources to check. But if you’re dictating into a different application, there are other places to look for problems. Any issue persists, get Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support or Technical Experts to help you fix the problem.

Dial Nuance customer support number +1-888-652-9580

Cause 5: Which Application? Word, Dragon Pad, Outlook? Maybe you may not realize which window is active, and texts is piling up somewhere you aren’t looking. Click the window you want to dictate in to make sure that it is active. If you use the keyboard to type something, does it appear where you expect it to appear? If not, the problem has nothing to do with Nuance Dragon Professional Individual. For compatibility issues, discuss with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support to identify the cause. Cause 6: The Dragon Bar.

Look at the Nuance Dragon Bar and see whether the circle indicator is green in colour. If it isn’t green, that means you have lost support for the application you’re in or you never had it. Also, if you’re using a non-standard Microsoft application, it will be a good idea to use the Dictation Box. If this happens inside Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, make sure you close them down along with Nuance Dragon Professional Individual and then restart them.

If the issue persists, call the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Number or Dragon naturally speaking technical support toll-free Number, +1-888-652-9580.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking: Incorrect Translation & Accuracy Problem

If Dragon Professional Individual does not dictate correctly, it’s called recognition errors or accuracy problems. You will feel better to have an expert diagnose your problem, with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support.

Speak words and phrases clearly. Don’t pause & Skip the words, clip them at the end, or slur them to other words. Make sure your Microphone / Headset is positioned about one-half inch away to the side of your mouth. Run the microphone check again: Choose Audio – Check Microphone. Choose Tools – Options, and in the Options dialog box, click the Miscellaneous tab. Drag the Speed vs. Accuracy slider & adjust it accordingly. Click the OK button. Get in touch with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Number to sort this problem out as soon as possible.

If Nuance Dragon Professional Individual repeatedly transcribes certain words wrong, make sure you use the Correction dialog box so the Nuance Dragon Professional Individual learns about its errors.

(Say, “Correct that “after Nuance Dragon Professional Individual errors.) In case this doesn’t work, feel free to speak to Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Number or Dragon Naturally Speaking Technical Support Toll-free Number, +1-888-652-9580 that is available 24/7 for any help you will need and get the problem fixed.

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