Recent years have seen increasing attention been given to reducing the workload of nurses. High nurse-to-patient ratio has already become an important issue. To address this, here is the unmet need we observed and desired to focus on. An intelligent I.V. Bag Monitoring System

There are three stakeholders, patients, their family and the nurses. First, when the liquid in the I.V. bag is going to be empty, the patients often feel panic or nerves about the status. They often wondering when will the nurse come and replace the I.V. bags. Might I be accidentally ignored by the nurses?Moreover, patients may adjust the drip chamber, the flow rate of the medicine, leading to unpredictable result. Next, the family members may change press the emergency button to call the nurses. As a result, the nurses need to move from room to room frequently, wasting many valuable time.

Conventionally, the method utilized is depending on the weight. Measuring the status of the I.V. Bag via weight meter.However, as long as the bag is attached by some external things (like the feeding pump and syringe here), the monitor becomes inaccurate. As a result, we need a new way to monitor the I.V. Bag and broadcast the status to both patients and nurses.

What it does

A Demo video is updated on youtube, link

With a normal camera near the I.V. pole, Dr. Drip can monitor the I.V. Bag. It synchronizes the status of each I.V. Bag with back-end like server and smart phone of nurses. As long as the bag is becoming empty, Dr. drip can automatically inform the nurse. With Dr. Drip, patients no longer need to be so nervous as before because they know that Dr. Drip is taking care of all the detail about I.V. Bag.

How we built it

Using intelligent computer-version technique, the embedded monitor can detect and identify the current status of the I.V.Bag. Then, using socket toolkits, Dr. Drip broadcasts both image and messages to designed server and phone application.

Challenges we ran into

First and the most important is to find the real unmet-need, we discussed and communicated with Interdisciplinary people. Second, It is difficult to develop and transfer original PC based computer version code into mobile app in just a weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First,we are proud of discussing with people from wide variety of background and figuring out the true unmet need with consensus. Next, we are delighted to have a completed application which operates at a high accuracy and reliability. This project brings all of us the sense of achievement. We also have experienced an entire process of design thinking, product development, and promotion .

What we learned

Close communication among doctors, engineers, project managers and designers.

What's next for Dr. Drip,drip into ur heart-Intelligent IV Bag Monitor

We are planning to apply a patent about it. On the other hand, we want to build a company with the technique, detail marketing plan can be found in the slide. We are also welcome to any VC who is interested about our work or technique.

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