We took inspiration from the need to control your room dorm remotely,

What it does

With a Hall Effect sensor and a light sensor,

How we built it

We used the Thunderboard Sense 2 by Silicon Labs to gather environmental data. We built a sample dorm room door out of wood and

Challenges we ran into

We initially attempted to use different types of sensors hooked up to an Arduino UNO, but we had space constraints. We also had trouble finishing the frame of the door

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Getting the Raspberry Pi to read data from the Thunderboard, and getting the servo motor to push the door.

What we learned

We learned about different APIs and tools for developers offered by companies like Silicon Labs and Myo.

What's next for DormMinder

We plan on implementing more features, like detecting whether you left your window open on a rainy day using a relative humidity sensor.

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