The inspiration was the Weaved-sponsored Summer Jam hackathon, plain and simple. But more importantly, the inspiration came from a recent vacation far far from home. The use case / sales pitch for this application is for owners whom travel extensively or own vacation homes, and desire to have ultimate peace of mind that the pump is powered on. As an early review mentioned, modern sump pumps have float switches to trigger them on, but in a vacation-home scenario that's a lot of trust to put in a small plastic piece!

How it works

DP is a single-page application that allows the user to monitor their local weather radar, seven-day forecast, and control their sump-pump (powered by the Weave Plug) remotely.

Challenges I ran into

Weaving (pun-intended) all the various components together was new for me. I had the Weaved components, data from the National Weather service layed onto Mapbox, the map widget from etc....

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole-shebang. Really. But in particular the integration of so many components from various sources and having it work.

What I learned

See Accomplishments :)

What's next for DopplerPump

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