• Inspiration We came across a paper written by Microsoft a couple of years ago and noticed that nobody implemented it.

  • How it works Basically, we emit a high-frequency sound from the speakers of a laptop, move the hand above the speakers and record the sound again. Afterwards we measure the change in frequency and amplitude of the wave, the left and right shifts and according to the measurements we recognize the gesture the user did.

  • Challenges I ran into We had some problems with configuring Aquila library for sound processing and a pile of them with the pattern recognition one and the audio libraries it requires.

  • Accomplishments that I'm proud of We managed to record the "highest peak" of the wave, which is the point on the graph with the highest amplitude and measure the right and left shifts of it.

  • Target User Our product can be used by both hackers and makers. There are no restrictions regarding the public use of the product.

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