Inspiration for this project is related to the challenge "Community Connected". Although there are delivery services that claim to deliver to apartments in New York City, the fact is, most deliveries never make it to higher apartment floors. That's where we come in, in my area of Queens, for instance, there are many temporary disabled people or senior citizens who live in pre-war buildings without elevators and struggle with grocery bags and walk-ups. Although there are delivery services out there that claim to deliver to your doorstep, in most cases the delivery is left in lobbies. Our team came up with an idea for a non-profit Door Delivery Service for seniors and the disabled, a service free of charge based on donation only.

What it does

It allows seniors to become more independent of their home attendants and less dependent on relatives by relying on the newest in technology, the Watson IBM Chatbot with capabilities to interact to order groceries, or even cancel delivery if needed. Rely on our local delivery friendly volunteers to bring the items right to their door, not in the lobby. Customers can use the chatbot to talk naturally and get basic info and products on the site. Customer are also able to cancel order via the chatbot, they are required to provide Order number for that (eg: AA12345.)

How we built it

We used IBM Watson Assistant, JSON, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Challenges we ran into

At first we didn't know how we would incorporate the Watson chat box, we reviewed our notes and watched the videos on IBM website and put it all together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really loved the IBM Watson and we wanted to do more with it but we only had a limited of time. We did it and it's very fascinating for us to even look at a machine interacting with us based on your input.

What we learned

We were so excited to learn all about the workshops such as Unity, IBM Cloud about Node-Red

What's next for door-delivery

What's next for Door Delivery is eventually to extend the service to commercial delivery and not just for seniors or the disabled but for the locals as well.

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