Getting a coffee first thing in the morning is kind of essential for us, and most of you people too, i suppose. We (Aşkın and Görkem) would meet up everyday morning and get our coffees before anything, we used to drink at this Local coffee joint, the employees knew about us and we were kind of friends, so was the homeless person living around the coffee joint, Mehmet. We always gave him the change from our drinks. He told us he was getting his breakfast with the little amount of Money we gave him and we were just happy for him.

One day it popped in our mind: “It’d be cool if there was an app that donated a part of our Money when we buy food via that app, I’d use it.” And now here we are!

What problem DON8 solves?

The poverty rates around the World are continiously increasing each year. People are aware that there are people not as lucky as us in life. And people are aware that it is our responsibility to help those in need. But most people don’t tend to. We, Don8, are making it easy for people. Making donation just as simple as buying coffee.

Our Vision

People stepping out and accomplishing from “I am aware of that.”

What it does

Don8 is a non-profit, transparent-to-user app. Making people get discounts on selected restaurants. And upon every purchase, user gets a free entry to a giveaway. And a small part of the purchase gets donated to the charity. As you use the app for your purchases, your tier increases. You might even see your name on the leaderboard!

How we built it

We built the DON8 with Dart programming language. We made an cross-platform app with Flutter framework with widget-style front-end. In backend, we use also Firebase (Firestore, Cloud Storage and Authentication). Currently we created an android app but we're thinking about IOS in future.

Challenges we ran into

The Hackathon started at 2 AM (GMT +3) for us, and at 4:30AM (IST) for our UI/UX designer, we had troubles before our meetings because one of our members lived in another timezone. It was hard for us to work continuously after a whole day. We had nearly no sleep and consumed tons of coffee to stay up and focused. Taking care of 3 timezones was by far the biggest challenge we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We met and worked with new team members with DON8, communicated and interacted on Discord chat and calls.

What We learned

We learned how can we organize our team to work together and interacted, managing the time, new programming technologies, and keeping under pressure.

What's next for DON8?

We want to make DON8 with not just an app. We are decided to make it real and worked! After this hackathon, we will:

  • switch the app from prototype to real completely.
  • create an another app for restaurants / cafes.
  • set meetings and interviews to be united about donation with cafes & restaurants.


Test DON8 now!

Credentials E-mail: Password: don8demo

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