Programming is not an easy skill to learn. Most people do not know how to start getting into it. However, computer science should be a skill that anyone should be able to learn as it comes extremely useful in the future. Wether it is to finding passion, gaining a job in the STEM field, or even gaining some problem solving skills, computer science is always a useful tool for anyone anywhere. Since programming takes mass amounts of concentration, perseverance, and experience, many people loose passion over it. In order to push that passion and allow people to become more interested into programming, we have made a google extension that allows anyone to adapt and start their programming careers with ease.

What the extension does is set every new tab opened as a specific website. The website contains inspirational quotes that change every-time the user refreshes the website, as well as every time a new tab is open. Under the inspirational quotes are facts that allow programers to have a better perspective about the engineering business. After that, there are a set of buttons that redirect the user into a useful website for learning programming, being involved into the engineering community, finding jobs, read on useful tips for a successful engineering career.

The extension was completely build using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. JavaScript was used to load an array with the many different inspirational quotes. Every time the website is refreshed or the user opens a new tab, the program will randomly pic a quote and display it using HTML. It does this through the use of ids. The HTML program was used for the display and functionality of buttons, display the random quote, and display the facts. Finally, the CSS program is used for fancier features in the program such as the color transitioning background, which was designed to be calming and engaging.

There were many issues that the team ran into while creating this extension. One such issue was the creation of the buttons. Since it involved a combination of HTML and JavaScript, it was a challenge to manage between multiple different programs and understanding what each did at the same time. Moreover, every team member was not extremely experienced on this programming languages.

We are proud of being able to reach our goal. Our extension seems simple but as a result, it gives off a calming effect while also providing a lot of aide to multiple different programming groups. Despite race, religion, gender, and experience, this extension can be seen to be useful to anyone with an interest in computer science. Even more so, we were able to step out of our comfort zone and use programming languages that we are very unexperienced with. Finally, we are proud about the possibilities that our extension could provide. Since the links can be changed by the user, other hackathons or organizations can use the extension to easily plan their events.

From this experience, every team member learned a lot about programming languages that we were both comfortable and uncomfortable with. More over, many learned how to use a Terminal in order to access, update, and look upon the progress of the code.

We expect for Don't Give Up! to aide many new programmers on getting started, many experienced programmers to be able to relax and remember their own beginnings, and overall, help others learn more about the STEM field and gain an interest in Computer Science.

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