What it does

Blorlor the blob blindly moves forward. Toggle through mouse controlled tools like water balloons that displace enemies, walls that stop Blorlor or fires that dispatch foes. Just make sure the friendly cacti don't get caught in the crossfire.

How We Built It:

Prior to Hack the North, our team united on Slack with the intention of creating a game in Unity. During the first day we discussed what we foresaw the game could be and split into our roles of designer and programmers.

Challenges We Ran Into:

During designing creations were lost due to a lack of saving and the program crashing. The non conventional nature of the mechanics also made it so that most all help was achieved through splicing multiple tutorials and forum answers together.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of:

Each of us had a strong foundation in the media that we hacked in. However, this project stretched and pushed each one of us outside of our comfort zones to make us each better hackers in our own fields.

Our team also worked really well together. We knew when to compromise, when to push one another to greatness and when to hold off.

What We Learned:

  • Character Design, Set Design: Our designer Katrina created her first life like creatures in Adobe Illustrator this weekend.
  • Collaboration Between Mediums: Throughout the weekend we each learned a bit more on how to collaborate between different teams and mediums. -High school hacker Leo learned Git for the first time
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