I made sure myself and my close ones are not abused or affected in any case by our known people but there are people out who are facing torture and brutal actions from their loved and known ones and their stories shook my heart when i came across few in social media, there was that zeal in me that kept motivating me to do something for their issue but couldn't come up with anything that great but its few days ago i came across a story of a women who called police control room and informed them that she is under abuse by acting as if she is ordering pizza in front of the people in home which paved way for this idea and i thought why not make a fake alexa skill to order pizza enabling it to send message to the saved contact in telegram telling the person is being abused or in any kind of threat emergency.

What it does

The alexa skill activates on the wake word 'Domino pizza' by the user and asks whether the user want to order their favorite pizza and when the user replies to the alexa message with the number of their favorite pizza's they want the backend part it alerted and it calls the telegram api enabling the telegram bot to automatically send a telegram message to the saved person stating the user is in danger.

How I built it

The whole project is made with javascript and the frontend part is made in alexa developer console with the intents for pizza ordering be made in json and the backend is made with glitch framework which activates the telgram api, both the backend and frontend are connected by axios.

Challenges I ran into

The major problems we faced were in integrating backend and frontend part in alexa developer console and the telegram api activation in the backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that i could make something which if the full project is moved from prototype to market stage can save thousands of people from being abused and also proud that my first alexa skill turned out to work fine.

What I learned

I learnt how to work with alexa developer console and aws services, glitch framework was new platform for me too and i learnt how to work under pressure, alone and be creative with the idea, i learnt how to bring in a market project model from scratch.

What's next for Domino pizza

As of now in the prototype state the alexa skill turns out to work only on custom integrated teleram details but later while moving from prototype to market product obviously the data integration part will be enabled for all users and various templates of emergency deliverable messages will also be added and also instead of just telegram messages maybe pre recorded call messages and sms texts.

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