Its usually boring to do minimum wage job on campus ,which usually involved with sitting at the same place for hours. I just want to make something that makes that kind of job a little bit more exciting.

What it does

DollarTime will (or is suppose to) calculating the money you are making by seconds and also can generate a income log for every user.

How we built it

Ruby on Rails (backend) JavaScript / HTML / CSS (frontend)

Challenges we ran into

Using Facebook login API to generate a simple user profile. (Solved!) Setting up relationship between models and some rails routing problem. Ran out of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learn ruby on rails from the beginning. Utilize facebook login API (this is awesome)!!! Finished a simple clock using JavaScript. Host the app on my desktop server in dorm.

What we learned

Using Facebook API Ruby On Rails fullstack development

What's next for DollarTime

Setup the correct relationship for different models. Get the income log function to work. Finish up with the front end dev.

Built With

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