CarpeDime is a chrome extension that promotes students' self awareness of the amount of money they're spending to attend college.


Too many people were looking at Facebook during the hackathon!

What it does

The extension reads in students' Google calendar under permission and tuition paid to provide unit price of class. The extension enables whenever a student is visiting a site that he shouldn't be in class and then displays how much money is wasted every second when the student is on a site he shouldn't be on.

The server is running on Node.js and client side is Chrome extension.

How we built it

We used JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, CSS, and HTML. We began with the manifest.json to set up the basic extension, and then we created the page_action modules, popup.html, background.js, popup.js, and other files necessary for a basic Chrome extension. Additionally, we set up a Node.js server that serves as the backend of the extension where we can get access to a user's Google calendar with their authorization.

Challenges we ran into

The Google calendar API surprisingly did not have an endpoint to get the duration of an event. We later discovered that converting an event startTime from a dateTime to a Date was the key to this issue. The Date class offers much greater capability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully built this with minimal setbacks and minimal time.

What we learned

JSON is pretty cool. We also lose a lot of money per minute of schooling. Better not waste time Facebooking! Carpe Diem!

What's next for CarpeDime

We're going IPO!

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