What it does

In theory, it has the ability to navigate hazardous environments, and rely solely on sensor information.

How I built it

The lipo battery is the main charger. It connects to the vin port, it is also attached to the ground port on the arduino mega. The motors include a power, grounding, and signal cable. The power is actually connected straight to the lipo. A normal motor would connect to the five volt port, but with these types of motors, it is necessary to attach it straight to the lip for more power.

Challenges I ran into

I spent about 18 of the hours trying to build a drone... Only to fry the esc. Without the esc, I could not build a drone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Out of a drone base, and parts, I was able to build an almost functional robotic. I have all the code written, and all of the hardware is correctly put together. However, I am missing non-drone motors, which makes the piece unable to move.

What I learned

To always be prepared.

What's next for Dodge-Bot

Drodge-Bot will be disassembled, and re-assembled into a drone, as it was meant to be.

Built With

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