Youtube is most popular video platform these days, but it is centralized and easily censored. It is demanding to create a decentralized and censorship resistant video platform.

What it does

DLive is a decentralized video and live streaming platform powered by IPFS and NFT. When content creators upload videos, videos will be stored on IPFS and minted as a NFT on Polygon. It is censorship resistant because of IPFS. Content owners will also have strong ownership guarded by NFT. Content owners can also trade and profit from the video content they own.

How we built it

Dlive uses NFTPort API to upload file and metadata to IPFS, mint NFT, and retrieve NFT information. NFTPort makes it extremely easy to interact with IPFS and NFT contract. DLive also uses Moralis to authorize user and store video statistic data. DLive is hosted through Fleek on IPFS.

Challenges we ran into

It is tricky to create thumbnail from the browser. I am using canvas to take snapshot of the video

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is exciting that Dlive support basic most needs of video platform.

What we learned

It is my first time to build a NFT based Dapp. I learn a lot of about NFT and IPFS ecosystem. It is also exciting to learn how easy to build Dapp with Moralis.

What's next for Dlive

Further improve the UI to include feature like video search, user profile, and subscription

Built With

  • ipfs
  • moralis
  • nft
  • nftport
  • polygon
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