The Inspiration of the InstaGJ I'm the DJ Instagram effect came from the idea where we usually see DJs' as the king of music mixing with there prowess in making people enjoy music in a special way. Out of this, we thought that almost everyone in the world has at one time or another had the thought of how it would be if they happened to be a DJ or else how would they hype up the masses if they happen to be the lead Mc and the DJ at the same time in a party

What it does

The InstaGJ I'm the DJ Effect is an Augmented Reality World Effect that employs the power of Spark AR to augment your world with a Dj Booth ready with a spinning deck and disco lights to help you be creative with your Instagram stories and reels.

The 3D model is scalable by pinching the screen in or out, can be rotated to face different direction by the use of two fingers and for one to place the model into the real world one only need to find a plane surface and tap on it to place the model.

For the best result and for the model to anchor its self to the ground appropriately while placing being in a well-lit area is advised

The model is viewable from the front and the back and all angles including Birds view, warms view, Close up, mid-shot, and long-shot hence with good video editing skills on Instagram reels one can be able to do some awesome content

How we built it

We created and customized the model in a 3d application to suit our need and edited the Texture Images in photoshop

Challenges we ran into

-Customizing the model to be as simple as possible without losing the High-Quality look of everything with the effect

-Some parameters that we wanted to use for the effect aren't supported on Instagram effect ie Editable text to add time and location

-We wanted to add Color leaks to our effect and the ability to turn it on and off but then we noticed that we were kind of losing the crispiness that we wanted and we had to do away with it. We tried several ways to achieve it but it was all in vain

Customizing the models to meet the recommended polycount and total file sizes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having completed the major part of the project

Managing to take part in this 2nd SparkAR Hackathon.

Managing to work out an idea to a concept and to a finished effect.

What we learned

Patience pays: Doing things again and again and again trying out different ideas will finally lead one to an answer (At first most of our materials weren't being mapped on the model once we import them in spark ar but after many tries, we managed to figure out what the issue was ie Spark Ar doesn't support VRAY Materials or some material blend modes from external software

What's next for InstaGJ I'm the DJ

Waiting to see what people will create out of it and also learn on areas that we can improve on overtime to help us manage to do updates to the effect.

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