Seeing other bots all around, inspired me to make one. It's just a simple bot as I am a first time hacker.

What it does

It can welcome you, when you join. It also notifies when someone has been kicked off or banned in the Discord Server. It can DM the user, if user commands the bot to do so. Also makes a record of messages in ".csv" format. It is also able to change its status on Discord. Provides the user with embedded information about the Bot's specifications, features and valid commands in a very systematic format. Many more to be emphasized in future to make it a "SUPER-BOT", which can basically respond to any command given by the user (it's really enthusiastic, I know!) .

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Being a first time hacker, I faced a lot of new challenges such as debugging the code alone (worked without any team :( ). Some features I wanted the bot to have but ran out of time in debugging and programming the rest! My first attempt turned into really challenging one. I actuallly wanted to build a bot which can respond to as many commands as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of at least trying and making something alone!

What I learned

I learned about of course Python and Discord and also some of the basics of different frameworks in python. Learned about VIRTUAL HACKATHONS! :)

What's next for Discord Bot (SUPER BOT)

As specified above, I want to build a fully functional bot who can perform many tasks instantly.

Built With

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