DinkyPop is a super simple ball popping experience! All you do its pick your balls and drop them. Depending on the ball you pick, each one has its own unique properties.

42 Achievements to unlock!

How to play

Pick a ball you want to use.

Look for a time where you think you can catch the most balls. Pick your target and tap the screen. Your ball will start to grow. Any other ball moving in the way of your ball, will start to grow to. Any other ball moving into the path of a growing ball, will start to grow as well. Eventually, your balls will pop, earning you experience.

Pop as many balls as you can to gain the most experience.

Lightning Balls: You can strike lightning with your balls. Up to five lightning strikes are available, 1 per ball level.

Flame Balls: Your balls are on fire. Well not really, but when youy balls touch other balls, they continue to move like a wild fire. Each ball level, lets your balls move faster and faster.

Ice Balls: Cool your balls off with ice balls. With these balls, they grow slower than normal. With each level, they grow slower and slower, letting you catch other balls easier.

Golden Balls: Gold balls are worth more, of course. Each level doubles your experience gained. Do you have the Midas touch?

Dragon Balls: Gotta have dragon balls! With these monsters, you get the benefits of all your other balls combined. You will need to get to level 5 in each of the other balls to unlock the dragon ball.

Each type of ball has 5 levels. Each level, the special properties get stronger.

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