DigiBlog, the awesome new travel app created by the Mezcode team in Silicon Valley. Inspired by the love of travel, DigiBlog does not fit easily into a box or into a single category for the Samsung Note S Pen Challenge, encompassing many uses of media and sharing for those with the wanderlust for travel around the globe, or sharing whats going on in your neck of the woods. The DigiBlog app was created by a group led by Elizabeth Mezias, of four developers and a graphic artist who connected from outside California, collaborating via internet. The team were up to the challenge and quickly created a fully featured, multi-media, social sharing, location tracking powerhouse.

How does all of this awesomness work, you ask? DigiBlog starts by offering to record a location track, give it a name and voila, you are recording photos, videos, audio recordings, text, speech to text and even pen drawings are possible. From there, users can add to an existing trip or start a new one.

This app empowers people to record multi-media blog entries with the Samsung Note. The recordings can be geo tagged and will be organized as a track. The track might be recorded in a single day or over many days on a vacation.

Users can jot a note, sketch a drawing, create a GPS track, record audio, video, dictate notes or type text and save them for sharing and later viewing and sharing.

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