Originally setting out to become a Pig Latin translator, Diacrept has become so much more. Expanded to include Spanglish and featuring the latest in Ballsifying technology, Diacrept is a must have to fully enjoy the internet as it was meant to be enjoyed.

User Reviews:
★★★★ “Definitely Creative”
★★★★★ “I can finally stand YouTube comments!”
★★ “The sleep deprivation shows"
★★★★★ “Balls balls balls balls, balls?"
★ “…why…?”

What it does

Simply load it up and select the translation best suited to your needs from the menu. Then just browse the web and Diacrept will parse the HTML and translate displayed text. You can even enter your own word or phrase that will replace all content flowing through the interweb tubes towards you.

How I built it

Diacrept is a Google Chrome Extension built almost entirely in javascript with some HTML and CSS. It’s built with its own parser that reads HTML and finds displayed text. Then through patented translation process converts these words in the manner dictated by the user.

Challenges I ran into

Despite the fact that I’m sure there are a billion text collectors for websites out there in javascript, I could not find any I could “repurpose”. Therefore finding a method in order to properly parse the HTML without rewriting the formatting (which was most of the first 12-ish hours). Special thanks to mentors for helping me out with this and the many other issues I encountered with Google Extension things, Javascript learning, and weird errors like accidentally overwriting iterator values and debugging for a few hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The thing works! And actually to plan. The parser is pretty competent at finding all displayed text and the text convertor manages to stitch up everything together afterwards with very very minimal side effects. Also the Pig Latin is gorgeous.

What I learned

Javascript. So much Javascript I want to cry. I am also now fluent in regex, a skill I cannot wait to show off at parties.

What's next for Diacrept

Wherever there are uninteresting forum posts. Whenever the Web is plague is plague with reposted memes and offensive material, Diacrept will be there to bring the mature, sane language that we all deserve.

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