It costs a lot of money for people to get health check-ups to test whether they have the risk of diabetes or not. Another problem is that it makes us difficult to visit health centres to get a check-up in some situations like the current situation during pandemics. Last, some people don't really have time to get a health check-up. Therefore, we offer DIABETEST to reduce the number of diabetes risks and improve the quality of human life.

What it does

It calculates the risk of a person getting diabetes. So users can input the health data they have and let DIABETEST calculate whether there is a chance for the user to have diabetes risk or not. This way, users who have diabetes risk can be aware.

How we built it

For the static website, we created it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Meanwhile, we made the actual DIABETEST website using machine learning and Streamlit in python. We used datasets from Kaggle for training the model, Streamlit as a framework, and Heroku for deploying it

Challenges we ran into

The challenge that we probably went through is a time difference. Since the members of our team are from two different regions with different time-zone, it is slightly harder to manage the schedule.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that with all the challenges we ran into, we're still able to finish it on time and we are happy with how the web turns out.

What we learned

Throughout this competition, we learned that we should be creative and thinks from a lot of different perspectives to create a great idea.

What's next for DIABETEST

In the future time, we will develop DIABETEST into a more advanced web. For now, we'll only predict whether the users have diabetes risk or not, but in the upcoming future, we'll make it predict the type of diabetes and healthy lifestyle suggestion that are customized according to the users' survey on the web.

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