Dasman Diabetes Treatment & Research was established in 2006 with the Ministry of Health(MOH) collaboration aimed to mitigate the predominance of Diabetes in the State of Kuwait. The noble institution succeeded to make an indelible mark along its course by depicting the pandemic to the public with its continual research, training, and effective measures to annihilate the ailment. At DDI, Kuwait the mode of operations is systematic empowering result-oriented research that can help diabetic society for improved health and wellbeing. The strategy of our institution aims to develop the best health implementation and prosperous lifestyle for those under the threat of Diabetes or the vulnerable society living with this malady. Clinical trials and research help us discover more about diabetes, its repercussions, and new possibilities to cure. A clinical trial is a research program that lets the designated participant be a part of a new treatment methodology or tests which help to treat or prevent medical conditions pertained to research. We can infer whether any new drug or device is safe and effective by this tedious trial. The participants are not only the affected individuals but also we do involve the caregivers as they have a vital part in the individuals who are at the risk of the epidemic. This unique characteristic makes DDI the most renowned institute in Kuwait.

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