Our inspiration came from the Ugandan Knuckles, a meme created after a video game avatar. In the game the Ugandan Knuckles keep saying "do you know the way" (in a Ugandan accent). This reminded us of how new students at a school are usually completely lost and don't necessarily know their way around the campus. In order to find their way to their classes, they have to rely on either busy students who barely have time to talk to them or campus maps that are always really hard to read.

What it does

Our app saves them time by providing them with the directions to the building where they will have their next class.

The user on their side will have to login using their student ID and password. Once the user logs into our app, the program use their schedule to determine where the next student's class is located and will show the route to that location.

How I built it

Our project is a web application and to build it we used html, css, javascript, node.js for the server-side and foundation as a front-end framework. In addition, we used the google maps API and google directions in order to show the directions to the class on a google map.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our biggest accomplishment of this weekend is that we successfully got the application to fully work within the short amount of time we had.

What's next for dew-u-no-de-wey

Add some more features like allow user to make some stops along the way and recalculate the route from the new place to the class.

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