What is devquotes

Dev quotes is aplatform for developers to write inspireing quotes.

It is a Webapplication built using Django and HTML/CSS/Js and integration of Auth0 for Authentication and Bootstrap for UI-UX.

The app is hosted on Heroku -> devquotes

How to use Dev Quotes

You would need a Auth0 account, its quite straightforward than you think. Just a email and a password would seal the deal for using the app.

Read Quotes

That's it you can now login into the application and see the quotes written by other developers or other people on the homepage. Dark Mode: image.png

Light Mode: image.png

Write/Edit/Delete Quotes

You can freely write quotes after you have logged in after Sign Up. You can even edit the quotes after creating and delete the quote if you wish to. Just you and your thoughts are ready to paint the blank canvas. The stage is yours.


Like Quotes

You can simply like or unlike a quote by pressing the like button after reading and enjoying the quote.

Demo of Live app:


Open for any contribution.

Feel free to give a feedback on twiter or at hashnode, If any issues please use the contacts in the webpage or on github profile.

Hope you liked the idea for motivating developers, because no one cares about the attitude and struggles of a developer. It's time to get inspired for smashing more bugs in a different fashion, let's collabrate and break the imposter syndrome and all of your doubts.

Created for a developer, with a developer and by a developer.

Happy Coding :)

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