Monitor and record metrics from the DevP2P network in PostgresDB and visualize the data using the Metabase analytics tool.


Install the node dependencies

npm install

Instantiate the database and dashboard backend services

docker-compose up --detach

Run the DevP2P monitor

npm start

It will take a minute for the client to connect to DevP2P peers. Once it connects to the first peer it will save the node's info to MongoDB and you should be able to see data in your dashboard.

Browse the dashboard data via Metabase

##### You will need to configure Metabase by creating a user account and adding the Postgres connection info

First Name: [anything] Last Name: [anything] Email: [anything] ...

Database Info: Hostname: pg Port: 5432 Username: pguser Password: 3th3r3um Database Name: devp2p

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