• Totally Unreal Award
  • Best Company Award
  • Best VR Award

What it does

You are the lucky winner of Russian Roulette! Wow! Not dead! Good Job!

Oh but wait...... darn.... those pesky police are coming to see what's going on in HappyVill.

You have two minutes to clean up and hide everything. GO QUICK!

If you don't.. well expect a hefty prison sentence for your terrible game of DEATH!

How WE built it

With unreal and some crazy three-week-old leap motion Orion drivers!

Challenges we ran into:

  • Getting the Beta VR Leap Motion Drivers working.
  • Smoothing out jittering from Leap motion that would invalidate gestures.
  • Only one of the team being able to test work in VR (We only had 1 oculus).
  • Limited range of Oculus DK2 sensor and cables heavily limited room movement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Getting leap motion working within Unreal
  • Getting leap motion to MUCH more accurately track and hold gestures (for holding and twisting things).
  • First time any of our team used Leap Motion so very proud we got it working.
  • Many good assets made.
  • Lots of types of interactables
  • really pushing outside comfort zone.
  • Idea for game and originality.
  • concept of the game.
  • Newer members of the team getting to work with and experiment with VR controls and hardware.

What we learned.

  • Sleep is not really needed but apart from that.....
  • How to use the leap motion and high-fidelity interaction within unreal.
  • Some of the team hadn't rigged/modeled with UE4 before.
  • How to plan for a short project!
  • Limitations of movement in DK2.
  • Interactable and complex physics are quite buggy and require a ton bug fixing!
  • Takes a lot of time to learn new hardware interaction methods!

What's next for Desk Dragons

  • Jamchester 2017!
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