Haunted by numerous instances of forgetting school supplies, we figured an app to quickly get a hold of missing pens and paper would be both useful and feasible. Thus, dePENdable was born.

What it does

dePENdable allows "Borrowers" in need of specific school supplies to connect with "Lenders" that can be contacted in order to receive said supplies.

How we built it

We used MIT App Inventor to put together an Android app that provides the basic functionality of our concept using phone location services.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with the idea for the app was a large challenge in itself. Afterwards, implementing the app using App Inventor proved difficult because the built-in functions occasionally proved inflexible and confusing to make work as necessary.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a decently fleshed-out, original app idea was a large point of pride among all group members. Being the first hackathon/project for all of the group members, carrying through the process from beginning to end was a gratifying experience.

What we learned

Creating dePENdable gave each of us insight into the intricacies of app design, even for very basic applications. Using the pre-set blocks of code provided within App Inventor forced us to think/program in ways that might differ from what we would do in a language such as Java.

What's next for dePENdable

Integrated communication between Lenders and Borrowers, implementation of a marketplace system, live map system, further customization of supplies to be borrowed/lended.

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