We designed an application for the Pebble smart watch that utilizes John Deere's APIs to monitor your fleet of machines.

We originally came into the hackathon with an interest in developing for a smart watch, but didn't have very much experience. When we first arrived, we quickly became interested in John Deere's APIs, as both of us came from farming families. After looking more into their APIs, we decided that we wanted to produce a fleet monitoring application for a smart watch. We ultimately chose Pebble, for a number of reasons: long battery life, water resistance, and screen visibility in the sun. These three factors add up to the ideal platform for farmers in the field.

We targeted our application at farmers who want to keep an eye on their fleet while working on the field. The application shouldn't have many complicated menus or options, it should just show the status of the owner's fleet, quickly and accurately.

We set out to design the application, having no prior experience in OAuth or Pebble, and ended up with a functional application. If anything, being able to run the application on the Pebble devices we purchased here makes all of the struggling and asking for help worth it.

https://github.com/Jcps/JohnDeereWatch-backend https://github.com/Jcps/JohnDeereWatch9999

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