“DEEP JAPAN” is the deep town guide project that local creators introduce the local deep spots with their work.

It provides high quality anime movies created by the local creator in Toyama and introduces the local deep spots. The stories in the movies are based on the local deep spots.

In addition, the spots will be linked with the most popular geolocation base SNS service "foursquare".

You can check the tips and photos from foursquare users. Checkin when you visit each spots and share the photos and comments! And share it to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. Checkin history can be seen in MyRoute function. You can recollect your trip looking at this MyRoute at home.

You would want to visit there after you see these movies. Come with this app. This app will be your navigator when you visit there. Spots will show the list of the deep spots in nearest order from your current position when it’s loaded. Also you can see how far is the spots from your current location as well. So it’s easy to make your tour plan. Experience the deep Totayama

This is very unique and deep town guide app.

The first app will guide you Toyama. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyama_Prefecture)

The animator "theBERICH", who is working in their home town "Toyama", created the anime movies which features the existing cafe "Cafe Daidai" in Sougawa street where is the greatest downtown. The master Shirakaba who loves the dandyism as the main character introduces the various deep spots in Toyama.

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