Inspiration, We have aimed to solve the problem of the population of inexperienced DECA competitors by providing an app that contains resources to broaden their mindset and prepare them for competitions and testing. This is important because we as members have been in their position and know how it feels to not understand quite what you are doing.

What it does, It provides practice resources for DECA members to broaden their knowledge on DECA events and testing.

How I built it, Our app was built by using the MIT App Inventor website with the assistance of our adviser.

Challenges I ran into, We ran into the challenge of entering all of the resources necessary on the number of screens we were given access to within the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of, We are proud of our overall product idea and how we worked together to put little ideas together to form a big picture.

What I learned, We learned that it is important to realize that not everyone has the knowledge we do, and that it is necessary to involve all aspects of DECA to reach out to a larger audience.

What's next for DECA Competition App, We aim to continue expanding our app and eventually be closely involved and work straight with DECA Inc.

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