As you are painfully aware, Facebook provides decent service at the extremely high cost of constantly disregarding user privacy, common decency, and laws around the world, and yet they still have billions of users. How can this be possible? They have a monopoly. Monopolies breed complacency, low quality, and high costs. And Facebook has a monopoly over your friends network. Same goes for Twitter. Twitter not only does these, there proceed to sale users data for their own beneficial gains and as well proceed to ban users incessantly, especially taking away the voice of freedom. The sad reality is, you can’t leave because everyone is on Twitter and Facebook. Switching to a new platform means every single one of your friends has to make a new account, download a new app, and you have to rebuild that whole network—if you can convince them at all. It’s the same story for any platform (though most don’t charge such a high price), and it’s unavoidable. Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of its users, so it’s no wonder the network effect is one of the most powerful social phenomena.

What it does

DBANTA Comes with the solution to CENTRALIZATION and CENSORSHIP, gives users ability to control their data, and not just that users will be able to EARN from each of their post, users will be able to mint their post as NFTs and also sale their NFTs in market places such as OPENSEA, users will be able to form decentralized communities and interact with these communities.

How we built it

We are building it using React, Solidity and IPFS as the storage mechanism, the frontend is purely react a Javascript Framework, and the backend is purely Solidity and it's deployed to the polygon network.

Challenges we ran into

For now we don't have any challenges and once we run into it, we sort out different mediums to resolve it by debugging it. We have used the docs and most of the resources found online to solve every challenges we run into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We as a team have come a very long way to unite and found a common front which has propelled us so much that we have accomplished so much together, we have built several solutions together as a team and we are still waxing stronger these is the biggest flex we can be so proud of as a team.

What we learned

We have learnt a whole lot in the course of these project and we are still learning.

What's next for DBANTA

We intend to onboard the first 1000 users to the platform and also test out the scalability of our product in our beta release. We intend to advance our solutions, build the mobile app and also run some beta test before onboarding more users to the platform.

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