dARpan is a low-cost AR (Augmented Reality) application that runs on Google cardboard and wearables (Google Watch). It allows a person to be engaged with their environment, while playing a physically involved game. Through the Google cardboard or tablet/smartphone device, the player will see virtual objects such as people appear in real spaces. They can then interact with such objects, using the wearable device to gain points. We have implemented a prototype game, where a giant appears when seen through an AR device and the goal is to punch the giant to defeat it. Punches are tracked by the wearable worn, e.g., Google watch on the wrist, which not only tracks their movements in different levels of intensities but also provides them a tactical feedback via vibration on their wrist. At any point of time, a player can track their progress on the screen and set the difficulty level to require them to work out more.

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