IT staff is overworked as it is. But as you know, user and clients access devices and systems 24 hours a day, including weekends. And businesses and enterprise need their employee technology to work 24/7, in order for business to succeed.

Daisy is an Artificial Intelligence that serves as a 24/7 On-Call Liaison between users, IT staff, and the complex myriad of systems being monitored. She enables IT staff to be on-call, 24 hours a day, by keeping on top of problems as they occur, while making users feel that their needs are being instantly responded to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So here's the story:

Jane has a report due Monday morning. It's a critical report. Jane isn't a VIP. But her job IS important to her.

She worked all weekend on this report. It's Sunday night, she logs into her XenDesktop to finish up her report.

To her horror, she can't log in.

Within moments Jane gets a text message from Daisy, "Jane, I see you can't log in. Bob is on duty, and he's looking into it."

Now Jane knows -- she's not alone.

Daisy notifies Bob of the problem. Bob resets Jane's instance, and tell's Jane that everything is okay, and to try again.

Jane tries again. And she's in! She texts back "OMG Bob! You saved my life!!!!"

So Daisy as the liaison, relays the messages back and forth. Bob doesn't have to keep every single employee's cell number in his phone, but the employees feel like Bob does, knows them, and is taking care of them all.

And Jane feels important, taken care of. The business and enterprise is being protected by Daisy, and the IT staff looks like a hero.

The great thing is that her power can be extended through Citrix scripting to handle common events and tasks, or to respond to common issues.

As an AI, she can spot seasonal issues. She can discover that system loads are unusually high before earnings reporting, or tax times. Knowing this can let IT plan ahead, and maintain their superhero status.

This application is available as ready-to-spin-up instances and can run on a Amazon EC2 instance or Microsoft Azure instance at the lowest Tier. So for $40 per month, you can have your own AI server watching your enterprise 24/7.

She allows multiple IT staff to share the load. When a new IT staff comes on duty, Daisy will tell the old staff member that they are free, and a new staff member has taken over. This way, you can fluidly have as many staff members as you want, and they can share the load, with shorter shift times.

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