Since the inception of the next generation smart devices, photos have been a powerful way used for self expression. It is a great art form. I felt compelled to approach this challenge with photo as the main theme. I wanted people from all over the world to share what they see to anyone anywhere in a fun and creative way. This is when I decided to create an app to snap photos of daily smiley found in everyday objects. With a twist, users are required to draw / paint the smiley that they see so others can understand their unique perspective.

The app hopes to achieve happiness with these goals:

  1. Slowly train the user to always be ready to spot a happy face in any situation. To see the positive side of a problem. To see the glass half full.

  2. The action of painting or drawing demands the user to be creative. To take a little time off to make art. This will reduce stress and improve mood.

  3. By discovering other's smiley face paintings, the user can discover different perspectives for the same photo. The social and group work aspect of this are beneficial and productive.

Here is a brief description of the app.

Discover the Daily Smiley around you

●●Snap a photo of hidden smiley found in ordinary things and places
●●Draw a smiley and share with everyone
●●Discover other's daily smiley from around the world

Uncover the happiness that is embedded all around you.

Explore cultural perspectives of everyday settings and objects from people around the world.

I am proud of the paint feature of the app with interchangeable smiley layers. It is very easy to click on someone to see what they have painted. To gain their perspective. I am also happy to say that anyone can view the photos and the paints at and like it. It works great on desktop or mobile browser.

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