A friend of mine was curious if there was an Alexa skill that would give you an idea of what to wear depending on today's weather.

What it does

You can ask what should I wear today or say what should I wear in a city/zipcode within the US and it will tell you the weather for today and give an idea of what to wear saying things like a winter coat and long pants if its 35 degrees or colder, or a shorts and tank top of its 80 degrees or hotter.

How I built it

The app is hosted in AWS as a Lambda function. It is written in Python and I am using the OpenWeatherMap API to get the weather data. I also found a few images from Wikipedia and Google that displayed the outfits that the app describes.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge for me was working with Python. This was my first Python application and my first time really diving into the language so many if not all of the problems I ran into were based on getting use to the language.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im proud that I was able to actually get something to work in python. Like I said before this was my first python app and I'm proud of how it came out.

What I learned

The main thing I wanted to take away from this was a basic understanding of Python. This whole project for me was getting started with and working with Python.

What's next for Daily Outfitters

Future improvements would be allowing the user to ask about what to wear for future dates, and even give more exampled ideas of what to wear based off of their current closet.

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